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Connecting Dots

From raw data to revenue

A boutique digital studio that helps eCommerce companies with: 

  • Advanced eCommerce techstack implementation,

  • First,-party, zero-party & email collection best-practices,

  • Website & omni-channel personalization use-cases,

  • Actionable reporting,

  • Revenue generating use-cases.

Who are we:

Datacop is a boutique digital studio that helps eCommerce companies go from raw data to revenue.


The ability to collect and utilize user data on a massive scale is what has made digital giants like Facebook and Google so successful. Our goal is to apply their strategies to the eCommerce industry.


Over the last 6 years, we worked with 25+ eCommerce companies that generate between $10m - $300m in annual revenue.

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We give away our secrets and offer assistance with their implementation to those who need it.

You are welcome to independently incorporate the following use-cases at your discretion. If you prefer assistance implementing these use-cases, please refer to the “Our tools & Services” section.

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Radical homepage personalization

How would Datacop design a homepage for first-time visitor, returning visitor and returning customer?

eCommerce Marketing Techstack

After 6 years in the eCommerce space, this is how we would set up a marketing techstack for our own eCommerce store.

PPV (1).png

Product Performance Evaluation Framework

Our approach to product selection for the most prominent places on the website.


Email Collection Strategies for eCommerce

10+ email collection strategies for eCommerce

 + an Email Collection Strategies Audit - Checklist

Our Tools & Services

Our Tools & Services

based on Datacop Data Framework (DDF) for eCommerce:

Hire a Datacop Medior

Add a certified part-time or full-time Datacop to your eCommerce Marketing team who is ready to execute email marketing campaigns, conduct website A/B tests, implement intermediate product recommendations, and more from day one.


CDXP Integration

Rather than paying for five individual products, opt for a single platform - CDXP (Customer Data and Experience Platform), which combines five tools (CDP, ESP, Website Personalization & A/B testing, Reporting Platform, and Product Recommendations) into one cohesive and interconnected package.

One platform to rule them all:​

✅ Schedule a meeting with us, and we'll demonstrate how one tightly integrated platform can replace multiple products in your marketing tech-stack.

✅ No need to maintain the data flows between individual marketing tools.

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Data Warehouse Integration

​Leverage data from all data sources at the same time. A complete history of your data fused together for data analytics and personalization use cases stored in one place in a cleaned and structured way.

Single source of truth for your eCommerce:​

✅ Centralize data from paid marketing channels, CDP, owned channels, inventory data and more... 

✅ Clean data free of tracking mistakes.

✅ No data retention policies that force you delete historical data.

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Data Movement across your Organisation

Get your data where you need it in a required format and prevent mistakes from manual copy-pasting with Datacop Data Pipelines.

Data movement across your eCommerce organisation:

 Pull any data from any datasource, even if it does not have API.

✅ Push data where it's needed in required format.

✅ No more manual copy-pasting.

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Email Collection Strategies

Increase your email collection rate, and save big bucks on retargeting strategies.

Email collection strategies include the following:

✅ Email Collection Strategies Audit

✅ Implementation of chosen email collection strategies from our list of recommendations.


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First-Party Data Tracking

Prevent the pain of un-tracked data when it's needed for data analytics or personalization use-cases.

Best practice data tracking recommendations:

✅ Track all critical events and event attributes across all vital touchpoints.

✅ Prevent usual mistakes when it comes to data tracking.

✅ Data tracking best practices created from tens of eCommerce projects. (See our recommendations for product view event tracking.)

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Zero-Party Data Collection Strategies

Ask customers essential questions without being intrusive, which helps you carve an exceptional shopping experience.

Zero-party data collection strategies include: 

✅ Guide on "when" and "how" to collect customer preferential data in your industry

✅ List of recommended questions and touch points for your industry

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Revenue Loss Prevention Slack Notifications

Catch revenue-impacting tracking issues early. Be notified when most important events or email automatizations stop firing.  

Our Slack notification system includes the following:

✅ Real-time data monitoring. Be notified instantly when important events stop firing (add-to-cart, session_start,...).

✅ Positive
/negative anomaly detection. Be notified when something unusual happens on your website.

✅ Data quality notifications. Be notified when data duplication occurs. 

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Advanced eCommerce Reporting

Answer (almost) any question with our advanced eCommerce reporting based on Datacop Analytical Framework.

Our advanced eCommerce reporting tools are:

✅ Shop Monitoring
✅ Product Performance Reporting,

✅ PPC Reporting, 

✅ Customer Reporting,

✅ Owned Channels Reporting.


CRO Use-Cases

Increase the number of Add-to-carts by 61% with easy-to-implement CRO use-cases.

Datacop CRO use-cases include the following:

✅ Easy to implement "floating-add-to-cart button" on mobile devices

✅ Easy to implement "quick-add" button on category pages.

✅ Advanced CRO use-cases, such as reordering products based on the ratio between exposure, units sold, and profitability.

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Website & Omni-Channel Personalization Use-Cases

Increase Customer LTV by tailoring the website & omni-channel experience based on customer preferences, behavioral patterns, or zero-party data.

Shortlist of Datacop personalization use-cases:

✅ Newsletter personalization based on customer's product/price affinity 

✅ Pre-selected size on the website's product pages.

✅ Loyalty status snippets on the website, or newsletter emails.

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Trigger-Based Email & SMS Scenarios 

Ensure you have all the necessary trigger-based emails implemented that consistently generate recurring revenue for your business.

Datacop trigger-based email & SMS scenarios include the following:

✅ Implementation of 11+ trigger based scenarios that include:

     ✅ Back-in-Stock scenario

     ✅ Low-in-Stock scenario

     ✅ "This product is selling fast!" scenario

     ✅ Personalized Welcome Series

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On Request

eCommerce marketing tech-stack & use-cases implementation.

from 5000€ / month

Datacop Medior that act as member of your internal eCommerce marketing team

500€ / month

Consult your data-relating problems or issues with Datacop experts through a dedicated Slack channel.

What is included in the package:​

✅ Private Slack channel with Datacop experts,

✅ 3 hours of our time monthly.

100% Free

✅ Access to #ask-datacops Slack channel, where we share new use-cases on weekly bases and where you can post any data related question.


As a satisfied customer of Datacop, I highly recommend their services to any eCommerce company looking to improve their data pipelines and analytics. Their expertise in advanced eCommerce implementation, first-party & email data collection, website & omni-channel personalization use-cases, actionable reporting, and revenue generating use-cases is unparalleled.

Datacop's deep knowledge of BI analytics allowed us to identify revenue opportunities by data analysis and build out detailed reports with BI Visualization tools like Tableau to help us understand our customers and serve them a better experience. They were able to build an advanced data warehouse and sanitize, transform and segment our data to allow us to visualize it properly. They were able to ingest multiple pipelines into a single data warehouse, which helped us scale our BI department and thrive on solid data analytics.

Overall, Datacop's professionalism and years of experience make them a strong digital agency that can serve multiple brands at one time. We saw significant gains by leveraging our data properly and identifying problem areas in our first-party data that allowed us to better track our customers' experience. I highly recommend Datacop to any company looking to improve their data analytics and gain a competitive edge in the market.

- M. Salvati, Head of Digital Product at OluKai

“Our main motivation to work with Datacop at Kondela, was to explore complex analytics and A/B testing on our e-shops. Together with Datacop we have managed to push our utilisation of marketing tools to a new level. In particular, we pursued the optimisation of conversion rates of our acquisition traffic on our mobile product pages. The project brought us both immediate positive results on our bottom line as well as new perspectives on how to apply personalisation techniques to different customer segments at different touchpoints of the customer journeys. I would like to thank our colleagues from Datacop for a professional and fair attitude, analytical expertise and lastly for patience in our discussions.”

- J. Žák, eCommerce manager at Kondela

“We heard rave reviews of Datacop from other brands and decided to give a few analytics reports a try to start, we haven’t looked back since. We plan to completely switch off from any other analytics platforms and use Datacop as our primary source of truth. The efficiencies and revenue opportunities that Datacop’s tools provide have been a key part of Roark’s growth.”

- M. Syrovatka, eCommerce manager at Roark


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your eCommerce?

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