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Marketing Operations for $100m+ eCommerce

Techstack. People. Use Cases.


28x certified

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Who We Are

Datacop is a digital studio that helps eCommerce companies facilitate marketing operations roles, implement cutting-edge marketing techstack and leverage it to the fullest potential by implementing personalization, analytical and revenue-generating use cases.

We can facilitate a complete Marketing Operations department that sits between marketing and IT.

Over the last 6 years, we worked with 25+ eCommerce companies that generate between $10m - $300m in annual revenue.

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Three Pillars of Marketing Operations



We implement cutting-edge marketing techstack (see the diagram) including:

  • CDP or CDXP (

  • Marketing Automation Platforms,

  • Data Warehouse,

  • Advanced Reporting,

  • Data Pipelines,

  • Revenue Loss Prevention Notifications (read more),

  • Zero-Party, First-Party Data Collection Strategies.



We fulfil crucial marketing operation roles including: 

  • Business Intelligence Operator,

  • Email & SMS Marketing Operator,

  • Website A/B testing and Personalization Operator,

  • CRM (CDP) Marketing Operator.

or, we provide tutoring lessons to your team.  

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Use Cases

We deploy analytical, personalization and revenue-generating use cases, including:

  • Personalized Trigger-based Email & SMS Scenarios,

  • Advanced Email Collection Strategies,

  • Website Personalization Use Cases,

  • CRO Use Cases,

  • Advanced Product Performance Evaluation and more...

Get Value. Fast.

Begin collaborating with us through a small proof-of-concept (POC) project.



"As a satisfied customer of Datacop, I highly recommend their services to any eCommerce company looking to improve their data pipelines and analytics. Their expertise in advanced eCommerce implementation, first-party & email data collection, website & omni-channel personalization use-cases, actionable reporting, and revenue generating use-cases is unparalleled.

Datacop's deep knowledge of BI analytics allowed us to identify revenue opportunities by data analysis and build out detailed reports with BI Visualization tools like Tableau to help us understand our customers and serve them a better experience. They were able to build an advanced data warehouse and sanitize, transform and segment our data to allow us to visualize it properly. They were able to ingest multiple pipelines into a single data warehouse, which helped us scale our BI department and thrive on solid data analytics.

Overall, Datacop's professionalism and years of experience make them a strong digital agency that can serve multiple brands at one time. We saw significant gains by leveraging our data properly and identifying problem areas in our first-party data that allowed us to better track our customers' experience. I highly recommend Datacop to any company looking to improve their data analytics and gain a competitive edge in the market."

Michael Salvati

Head of Digital Product at OluKai



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