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Datacop quick win use-cases:

Explore the Datacop use-cases that can be quickly implemented, with immediate added value, to your business.

1. Revenue loss prevention Slack notifications

Catch revenue-impacting tracking issues early. Be notified when most important events or email automatizations stop firing.  

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Slack notification monitoring include:

✅ Traffic Monitoring,

✅ Product Views Monitoring,

✅ Add-to-cart Monitoring,

✅ Purchase Monitoring,

✅ Cart Abandonment Email Scenario Monitoring,

✅ Welcome Series Email Scenario Monitoring,

2. Basic Product Performance Reporting

Increase your profitability by up to 48.5% by shifting the attention to the right products.

When evaluating products by only number of units sold is not enough:

✅ Reallocate your attention towards products with the best product sales, exposure, and profitability ratio. (Small case study.)

3. Bloomreach Engagement MPEs &  MES Optimization

Optimize the number of events that you track on a monthly basis.

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Bloomreach Engagement MPEs &  MES Optimization:

✅ Make sure that you don't track events twice on a same touchpoint.

✅ Store only events that are necessary for data activation. Access the whole event history through Engagement Bigquery module.

4. Easy to implement frontend CRO use-cases

Increase the number of Add-to-carts by 61% with easy-to-implement CRO use-cases.

Frame 2.png

Quick win CRO use-cases:

✅ A/B test "floating add-to-cart" button on mobile,

✅ A/B test "quick add" button on product category page.

5. Email Collection & Performance Audit

Don't leave money on the table. Identify all areas for improvement for the most important retention marketing channel.  

Email Collection & Performance Audit Includes:

✅ Strategy for increasing your email collection rate,

✅ List of best-practice automated emails for the whole customer journey.

✅ Email Marketing Channel strength comparison against the industry average.

A4 - 142 (2).png

6. Data Quality Audit + Tracking Document

Prevent the pain of un-tracked data when it's needed for data analytics or personalization use-cases.

A4 - 166.png

Data Quality Audit + Tracking Document includes:

✅ Identifying the scale of usual Bloomreach Engagement tracking issues such as Unattributable orders or Ghost Sessions.

✅ Data tracking best practices created from tens of eCommerce projects. (See our recommendations for product view event tracking.)

7. Recent highly engaged customer segments

Retarget visitors who showed strong interest to buy through automated email scenario, or dedicated Facebook or Google Ads.

CleanShot 2023-02-26 at 20.44.28_2x.png

Identify and retarget visitors with recent high website engagement: 

✅ Create a customer segment of recently highly engaged website visitors.

✅ Retarget these visitors thought dedicated email campaign or Facebook or Google Ad.

8. Personalized experience thanks to product category & size affinity customer segments

Increase Customer LTV by tailoring omnichannel communication based on customer preference or size. 

Frame 12.png

This use-case includes:

✅ Customer affinity segments towards specific product categories or sizes, based on what products he viewed, added to the cart & purchased.

✅ List of omnichannel touchpoints that can be personalized based on customer affinity. 

9. Eliminate all manual reporting tasks with data pipelines

Get your data where you need it in a required format. Prevent mistakes from manual copy-pasting. 

A4 - 147 (1).png

Data movement across your eCommerce organisation:

 Pull any data from any datasource, even if it does not have API.

✅ Push data where it's needed in required format.

✅ No more manual copy-pasting.

10. Frontend tags monitoring & audit with ObservePoint

Catch tracking integration issues early. Know your tags are present and adequately firing on every page. 

A4 - 167 (1).png

Frontend tags monitoring & audit with ObservePoint include:

 Audit of your cookies and data collection technologies to know what data is being collected, who is collecting it, and where they are sending it.

✅ Know your tags are present and properly firing on every page in just a few minutes - without carving out days of manual audit time.

11. Zero-party data collection strategies

Ask customers essential questions without being intrusive, which helps you carve an exceptional shopping experience.


Zero-party data collection strategies include: 

✅ Guide on "when" and "how" to collect customer preferential data in your industry

✅ List of recommended questions and touch points for your industry

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