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Podcast: Discussing Data Tracking with Sparring

We are grateful to have been invited to discuss Data Tracking and Protection in E-Commerce, by Annabel Pemberton from Sparring on their podcast show Savvy. Sparring is a legal and strategic service for tech visionaries. Savvy by Sparring is a "show where we reveal the stories founders, investors and other startup ecosystem players face when they do not consider legal questions at an early stage. Get your startup off the ground with business inspiration, meshed with legalities, including how startups incorporated, protected their works and raised funds in a (legally) smart way."

It was great to catch up with Annabel and discuss how the digital industry has been reacting to developments in tracking and using personal data in e-commerce since the introduction of GDPR in May 2016. Among other things in this podcast we talked about:

  • What is Datacop?

  • What are the different ways we work with data?

  • What is a Tracking Document and why is important?

  • What are the most common mistakes e-commerce companies do with personal data?

  • How can tracking personal data about your customers support innovation in your business?

  • How can digital companies deal with the death of the 3rd party cookie coming with changes in Google Chrome in 2022 and privacy changes introduced by iOS 14.5?

🔊 Give it a listen here: 🔊 Spotify 🔊 Apple Podcast

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