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Datacop Case Study: Fixing data tracking lowers platform costs

Situation & Problems

JustPark is a park and pay application - a sharing economy digital platform that links 5.5 million active drivers with over 45,000 listed parking locations in the United Kingdom via digital the mobile app.

Colours of Data and Datacop were brought in to JustPark to audit their use of Bloomreach Engagement, with the aim to see how to maximize the value of the investment into the unification of customer data. The audit identified problems in a major revenue generating use-case. Firstly, the data pipeline and trigger logic was designed inefficiently, tracking unnecessary data. Secondly, the messaging and creatives of these campaigns were quite basic despite having a large database of users the reminders were being sent out to. At such a scale, we recommended A/B testing a number of ideas to improve the performance of the campaigns. Due to the scale of the use-case, even small uplifts can lead to sizeable incremental revenue benefits each month. Thirdly, due to unknown reason, the volumes of campaigns kept decreasing despite the database of eligible users kept increasing. The use case in question is a Reminder service which sends emails and app push notifications to the car owner 4-weeks | 2-weeks | 1-week before a user’s vehicle’s MOT certificate expires. The links in the emails and push notifications are personalized for the user so the landing page has pre-filtered MOT Garage service stations results based on the user’s vehicle type and home postcode location. This saves time for the user when looking for a garage (especially if they do not have a garage of choice) as well as reminds the less-organized car owners about their MOT responsibility.

Solutions & Results

Fixing data tracking issues lowered the annual platform costs by 15%

We re-designed the automated flow logic to use 60% less data capacity of the use-case with the same volumes of send-outs. The use-case’s original design created 2 extra events to be replaced with native features of Bloomreach Engagement.

We discovered a "data tracking leak", where certain data types would be tracked unnecessarily too many times into the user's profiles. Identification and elimination of the leak lowered overall platform costs - as Customer Data Platform costs are directly linked to the number of events processed by the system.

Approx. 50% of eligible users were not receiving the campaign

We re-designed the user's vehicles data pipelines to ensure 100% eligible users receive the campaign. Our investigation confirmed - by comparing expected and actual send-outs - that the original design did not take into account that it will be running for more than a year, therefore renewed expiry timestamps haven't been imported.

Effective Images lead to email campaign CTR% uplifts +15%

The original visual design was minimalistic, so after a creative brainstorm two major A/B tests have been conducted: The first was testing the viability of an attractive and thematic hero image, this test involved 3 variants - one without an image at all and two new images.

By introducing new creatives, the car visuals outperformed the control group by +8% Clickthrough Rate and the garage visuals had an uplift of +15% Clickthrough Rate compared to the control group, email that had no image, in a 3 week testing period.

This has shown that having image visuals in this automated scenario has value and set all the emails with the Garage visual. We agreed that going forward a test using an animated Hero image vs a static Hero image could be a solution to drive incremental growth further.

Social Proof lead to email campaign CTR% uplift of +11%

The original text did not experiment with any kind of behavioral science nudges. The second A/B test compared a text that invoked the idea of Social Proof vs the original text, located towards the end of the email.

Emails with the Social Proof Copy had a +11% Clickthrough Rate uplift in a 2 week testing period. This has shown that using a well-phrased Social Proof in an appropriate context has a positive impact on the Clickthrough Rate of an email.

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