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Growth Hacking Solutions
for Digital Companies

Digital Giants Strategies
Made Accessible
For Mid-Sized Digital Companies

What is Growth Hacking?

The process of growth hacking is one of the core drivers of success for digital giants like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. Due to their unprecedented scale and regular activity of their users they were in a unique position to pioneer the technique.

Throughout the years they were constantly answering critical questions regarding their product. How should our landing page look like? Should it look the same for new visitors and returning customers? What features or information are most important for each of those groups? 

Back then, answering these questions and utilizing found insights required investing into in-house server warehouses, data architecture, a/b testing + automation software. 

This is no longer the case. Find out how you can apply growth hacking strategies in your digital company as well with a fraction of the resources by booking a free 60-minute meeting with us.

Our Services

From Choosing the Right Software to Custom Growth Hacking Strategies 

We help established offline businesses with their digital transformation from choosing the right software to implementing advanced growth hacking strategies.

Are you a company that has all the basics covered but would like to know how to leverage your customer data to the maximum? We got you covered as well. 

Tech Stack and Current Solution Audit

Is your tech stack adequate to your size and business needs? Get a critical appraisal from our team,  together with "quick win" solutions and a comprehensive roadmap for your digital transformation. 

Automated Reporting

Save tens of man-hours monthly with our automated email, PPC or custom attribution model reporting. Get the most accurate perspective on your digital business and make powerful data-driven decisions. 

Personalized Customer Experience

Does your website, web application, or email communication look the same for its new visitors and returning customers? 

Optimize the customer experience of every important customer segment and watch your revenue grow.

Datacop Tutoring

Would you like to build your own team of expert website analysts or digital marketers? Get private Datacop lectures based on your companies data. 

Why work with us?

Our solutions brings staggering results

11,01%.  This is a revenue uplift that we brought to e-commerce Tempo Kondela across the entire shop with a single use-case! Let's say that your e-commerce makes 5M€ in revenue per month. This would translate approximately to an extra 550 000€ in revenue each month. Of course, these kinds of results are not always guaranteed, but they demonstrate what can be achieved with well-implemented growth hacking strategies. If you like to learn more about how we achieved this result, read through this case study where we go into great detail regarding this solution.

5 years of relevant experience

Over the last 5 years, we implemented numerous use-cases while working with innovative CDP platforms such as Bloomreach (formerly known as Exponea), and powerful data visualization tools such as Tableau. We worked with over 25 e-commerce companies generating 10 - 300M€ in revenue per year. We designed and delivered courses focused on e-commerce for over 150 people

Individual customer approach

We see ourselves as a "boutique agency". We work with a limited number of clients and we always aim for a long-term partnership with each of them. You can expect a regular flow of innovative ideas on how to improve the experience of your customer base on your e-commerce website or digital platform. 

Why Us?

A word from Tempo Kondela

“Our main motivation to work with Datacop at Tempo Kondela, was to explore complex analytics and A/B testing on our e-shops. Together with Datacop we have managed to push our utilisation of marketing tools to a new level. In particular, we pursued the optimisation of conversion rates of our acquisition traffic on our mobile product pages. The project brought us both immediate positive results on our bottom line as well as new perspectives on how to apply personalisation techniques to different customer segments at different touchpoints of the customer journeys. I would like to thank our colleagues from Datacop for a professional and fair attitude, analytical expertise and lastly for patience in our discussions.”

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We would like to hear about your unique set of challenges regarding the digital space. Book a free 60-minute meeting with us.

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