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Advanced eCommerce Reporting

Answer (almost) any question with our advanced eCommerce reporting based on Datacop Analytical Framework.

PPC Reporting

"Increase your ROAS by up to 22.4% with the reallocation of your marketing budget"

Your Facebook Ads reporting, but better:

✅ Reallocate your marketing budget towards products with the highest ROAS. (Small case study.)

✅ Compare Las
t-click and Facebook Revenue attribution side by side. 

(What are the limitations of Facebook  Revenue Attribution after the iOS 14.5 update?)

✅ Understand if customers buy & engage with the product that is being promoted.

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Product Performance Reporting

"Increase your profitability by up to 48.5% by shifting the attention to the right products."

When evaluating products by only number of units sold is not enough:

✅ Reallocate your attention towards products with the best product sales, exposure, and profitability ratio. (Small case study.)

✅ Understand the sales velocity of each product (sales / # of days available)

✅ Understand if a product is selling organically or due to direct promotion.

Email Reporting

"Increase the revenue from your email campaigns; understand their performance as never before."

Your Email Reporting, but better:

✅ Understand how visitors behave after clicking on an email campaign (What products do they interact with? What products do they buy?)

✅ Compare your email KPIs WoW, MoM, YoY 

✅ Understand if customers buy the product that is being promoted in a newsletter.

Shop Monitoring

Assess the situation behind positive & negative anomalies correctly, and avoid costly misleading conclusions.  For example, see how we diagnose anomalies in the website's conversion rate.

Our most advanced website analytics & monitoring tool:​

✅ Understand the conversion rate of First-time visitors, Returning visitors & Returning Purchasers. 

✅ Identify positive and negative anomalies that occur in your store.

✅ Understand what % of your traffic is subscribed to a newsletter.

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