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The digital studio that helps mid-sized

eCommerce companies

👉🏻 maximize the ROI from their ad spend, the marketing tech stack, and save the time of their marketing team,

👉🏻 answering key analytical questions,

👉🏻 systematically increase their revenue

Our Products:

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Our products are tailored for fashion, furniture, and electronics eCommerce companies that generate at least $10m in online revenue.

Are you too dependent on paid channels (that are increasingly more expensive) for driving traffic to your website? 

Focus your attention on the channel with the highest avg. ROI.

1. Email Marketing Strategy

🤔 Do you want to know how eCommerce market leaders with $100m+ of annual revenue utilize email marketing to its full potential? 

Do you want to implement their strategies within your company as well?

If yes, our email module covering the following areas might be an interest to you:

👉🏻 What are the top email capturing strategies? 

👉🏻 What is email health segmentation and why is it important? 

👉🏻 What are all the newsletter types and how often to send them? 


👉🏻 13x best practice automated email use-cases and 7 helpful techniques for implementing them.

👉🏻 Best practices around consent management.


👉🏻 How should evaluate your email performance? 

👉🏻 Depending on the vertical and the maturity of the brand; a fully implemented best practice e-commerce email can drive 10%+ of last click revenue from the total. 

Do you lack a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of customers coming to your website?

Invest into strategies that brought digital giants unparallel success. 


2. Data Collection Strategy

Behavioral and preference data of your customer is required for any kind of personalization. 

"The quality and volume of your data go hand in hand with the quality and quantity of personalization use-cases that you can deploy."

That is why we put together best practices centered around data collection and data storage: 

👉🏻 What data should be available in your CDXP platform?

👉🏻 What are the best practices regarding the structure and expiration policies of your data within the platform?

👉🏻 What are common mistakes around data collection and how to avoid them?


👉🏻 Customer preference data (zero-party data).  How to collect zero-party data and use it to implement revenue-generating personalization use-cases and techniques. 

👉🏻 Data monitoring and anomaly detection system.


👉🏻 Cookies (1st party cookies vs 3rd party cookies), data integrity, and data collection.

🤲🏻 Do you want to know how to implement email strategy or data collection best practices in your eCommerce? Reach out!

The first 45-minute meeting is free of change.

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Are you struggling to provide meaningful personalized experiences for your customers across all marketing channels & your website?

Find out how to deploy successful: 

3. Omni-channel Personalization Strategy

Most eCommerce companies understand the importance of personalization.  They know that individual approach to their customers leads to an increase in their Lifetime Value. 

From our experience, it may be challenging for eCommerce companies to personalize effectively.  

"Dividing your customer base into meaningful customer segments is the first necessary step for creating personalized marketing communication"

❓ Should somebody entering your store for the first time have the exact same experience as a customer who already bought 4 times?

If you want to know how does advanced website & marketing communication personalization look like and how to implement it, this module is for you: 

👉🏻 How should you divide your customer base into meaningful segments? Explore 10 best-practice Datacop customer segmentations.

👉🏻 What should be the website experience of somebody coming to your store for the first time?

👉🏻 What should be the experience of an existing customer?

👉🏻 How to personalize website experience & marketing communication based on customer preference data? (e.g. based on customer's shoe size, gender, category affinity)


👉🏻 How to personalize website experience & marketing communication for different customer avatars? (e.g. If you have a furniture store, should the website look the same for customers with small apartments,  and for customers with bigger houses?)

Are you lost in the endless offerings of marketing automation tools that are available on a market? 


Understand what is important to look for when choosing the right tool for your team.

6. CDXP Integration

We help eCommerce companies to integrate and leverage a CDXP - a single platform that covers email marketing, data collection, omni-channel personalization, CRO optimization, and A/B testing (and more) in one neat bundle.

⚡️ A CDXP will provide a marketing team with capabilities that normally would require 5 to 7 different martech solutions;
centralizing customer data siloes and saving costs. 

🙇🏼‍♂️ We believe that investing into a CDXP is one of the best decisions that any Marketing team of an eCommerce store above $5m+ (5m+€) in Revenue can make. 

💪🏻 With 5 years of relevant experience across 25+ different projects,  we are here to help you choose and integrate such a platform and also show you how to leverage it to the fullest.

Are you struggling with a low Conversion Rate? 

Employ best practices for each conversion funnel step & systematic Conversion Rate optimization.

4. CRO Optimization & A/B Testing Best Practices

Are you A/B testing any changes on the website, are you following your gut instinct when it comes to website experience? 

Is every conversion step on your website as easy as possible for your customers?

Explore Datacop's best practices centered around  CRO optimization & A/B testing that includes:

👉🏻 Best UX practices for each conversion funnel step: 

  • homepage,

  • product category page,

  • product detail page,

  • checkout.

👉🏻 Strategies for simplifying customer conversion journey.

👉🏻 What is the process of conducting a successful A/B test?

👉🏻 How to evaluate A/B test results correctly. 

👉🏻 What are common mistakes when it comes to A/B tests and how to avoid them?

Do you lack answers to critical business questions?  

Achieve a deep understanding of key eCommerce KPIs such as CAC, LTV, ROI, Conversion Rate, and more.

Understand your highest paying customers, find out which products are trending and which are most likely to perform the best in the next marketing campaign.

5. Advanced eCommerce Data Warehouse & Reporting

Explore Datacop's suite of advanced eCommerce reporting tools:

Shop Monitoring:
Achieve a shared team understanding over phenomena happening in your eCommerce store with our most advanced analytical tool.


👉🏻 Product Performance:

Evaluate the performance of your products correctly. Minimize sub-optimal product promotion and inventory purchase decisions. Take into account product sales, product exposure, and product profitability. Read more about our methodology in this article.

👉🏻 PPC Reporting:

Evaluate the performance of your products with more objective metrics than what Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer in-platform. Answer questions like - what products are most effective for social media promotion? Are you actually selling the product that you are promoting? How much does it cost to sell one unit of promoted product?

👉🏻 Customer Reporting:

Understand your most valuable customers from every angle.

👉🏻 Email & SMS Reporting:

Evaluate the performance of your email and SMS channel. Answer questions like - what products are most effective for email and SMS promotion? Are you actually selling the product that you are promoting in your email and SMS campaigns?

🤲🏻 Do you want to know how to learn more about omni-channel personalization, CRO optimization & A/B Testing, advanced eCommerce reporting, or CDXPs?  Reach out!

The first 45-minute meeting is free of change.

A word from Kondela

“Our main motivation to work with Datacop at Kondela, was to explore complex analytics and A/B testing on our e-shops. Together with Datacop we have managed to push our utilisation of marketing tools to a new level. In particular, we pursued the optimisation of conversion rates of our acquisition traffic on our mobile product pages. The project brought us both immediate positive results on our bottom line as well as new perspectives on how to apply personalisation techniques to different customer segments at different touchpoints of the customer journeys. I would like to thank our colleagues from Datacop for a professional and fair attitude, analytical expertise and lastly for patience in our discussions.”

We worked with


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