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Leverage your martech stack centered around Bloomreach Engagement to the fullest.

Helping mid-sized eCommerce companies to maximize their ROI from the Bloomreach Engagement platform.

Common problems that we use to see among Bloomreach Engagement users:

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1. How can I systematically increase revenue with Bloomreach Engagement?

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2. My Bloomreach Engagement project is a mess...

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3. What are the best Data & Reporting practices regarding  Bloombreach Engagement and how to solve the data expiration problem? 

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4. How should by marketing team look like around Bloomreach Engagement?

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5. How to effectively onboard new team members working with Bloomreach Engagement and preserve the important knowledge within the marketing team? 

Problems that we solve

Our Products:

1. Datacop Data Warehouse 

  • A complete history of all data that were ever tracked through Bloomreach Engagement stored in a cleaned and structured way ready for data analytics

  • Data from multiple data sources that can be activated through Bloomreach Engagement:

    • Ad Spend data from Facebook, Google, or other platforms,

    • Inventory data,

    • Weather Data,

  • Enables new use-cases that were not possible before:

    • for example, automatically give more exposure to the products that are most profitable to sell (learn more about this use-case here)

    • back-in-stock email automation.

The amount of data stored in:

Data Warehouse volume (2).png

2. Shop Overview Reporting

  • Compare the performance of any metric with any period in the past

  • See trends across long periods of time

  • Breakdown any metric by two custom measures

  • Identify any positive or negative anomalies that might occur in your store

  • Explore how your website visitors interact with different product categories on your website across time.

3. Product Performance

Evaluate products considering all important metrics, namely product sales, product exposure, and profitability of a product. More info here.

4. PPC Reporting

  • Understand how much you spend on the promotion of specific products and which channels and specific campaigns are most effective with sales of a specific product.

  • Understand if your customers are actually buying the product that is being promoted or, they are buying other products.

    • see the exact breakdown of products that you are selling from specific campaigns.

  • Understand which products are most suitable for “go-to-market” strategies.

  • Evaluate campaigns across multiple channels via the same attribution method.

Other Products: 

- Email Reporting,

- Facebook Campaign Automation,  

- Email Automation Use-Cases Bundle,

- Advanced Website Personalization Use-Cases,

- Best Practise Data Tracking for eCommerce, 

- Datacop Tutoring. 

Why Us?

Why work with us?

Our solutions brings staggering results

11,01%.  This is a revenue uplift that we brought to e-commerce Kondela across the entire shop with a single use-case! Let's say that your e-commerce makes 5M€ in revenue per month. This would translate approximately to an extra 550 000€ in revenue each month. Of course, these kinds of results are not always guaranteed, but they demonstrate what can be achieved with well-implemented growth hacking strategies. If you like to learn more about how we achieved this result, read through this case study where we go into great detail regarding this solution.

5 years of relevant experience

Over the last 5 years, we implemented numerous use-cases while working with innovative CDXP platforms such as Bloomreach Engagement (formerly known as Exponea), and powerful data visualization tools such as Tableau. We worked with over 25 e-commerce companies generating 10 - 300M€ in revenue per year. We designed and delivered courses focused on e-commerce for over 150 people

Individual customer approach

We see ourselves as a "boutique agency". We work with a limited number of clients and we always aim for a long-term partnership with each of them. You can expect a regular flow of innovative ideas on how to improve the experience of your customer base on your e-commerce website or digital platform. 

A word from Kondela

“Our main motivation to work with Datacop at Kondela, was to explore complex analytics and A/B testing on our e-shops. Together with Datacop we have managed to push our utilisation of marketing tools to a new level. In particular, we pursued the optimisation of conversion rates of our acquisition traffic on our mobile product pages. The project brought us both immediate positive results on our bottom line as well as new perspectives on how to apply personalisation techniques to different customer segments at different touchpoints of the customer journeys. I would like to thank our colleagues from Datacop for a professional and fair attitude, analytical expertise and lastly for patience in our discussions.”

We worked with


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