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From raw data to revenue journey:

Think about the journey as a pyramid with 4 levels.

The wider the base, the taller the pyramid can be.

Level 1.png

Level 1: Data Gathering

This is where your journey starts!

Here you focus on what data you want to collect from which sources so it can later be used for data analytics and marketing automation use cases.

Here are two recommendations when it comes to data gathering from us:

  1. what to track when a website visitor clicks on a specific product,

  2. email collection strategies for eCommerce companies.

Level 2: Data Preparation

Your data is now being collected! Awesome!

At this stage, you may face these two issues:

  • your data is scattered across different platforms and it may be difficult or impossible to leverage data from all data sources at the same time.

  • your data may contain mistakes such as duplicate events or ghost sessions (specific for Bloomreach Engagement users).

Level 2.png

Now you should centralize your data in one place (data warehouse), eliminate any known mistakes, and save it in a well-documented, structured way, so it’s prepared for data analytics and activation.

Level 3.png

Level 3: Data Monitoring & Exploration

Now it’s time for the fun stuff!

It’s time to build powerful reporting tools that help you uncover hidden gold in your data (insights) or look for any positive and negative anomalies that may occur at your store so you can act promptly.

Check out the reporting a
nd monitoring tools we developed for our clients below.

Level 4.png

Level 4: Data Activation

Now it’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work!


Provide a personalized experience for people that show strong buying intent, increase a budget for a well-performing Facebook campaign, or give a prominent place on your website to best performing products!

The Datacop Data Framework (DDF) for eCommerce includes a significant feature - a suggested marketing technology stack.

This stack comprises a collection of tools that work in harmony to fulfill all requirements for utilizing eCommerce data to accomplish desired objectives.

For eCommerce businesses that generate a yearly revenue of over 10 million euros, we suggest implementing the third or fourth setup.

Please refer to the following diagrams for details:

Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us using the link below if you wish to understand the value of each element depicted in the above diagrams or want to evaluate your present tech stack against Datacop's recommended setup.

We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

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